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Pepper Spray - The Most Secure Way To Protect Yourself....

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Ladies, Home, Office, Cars, Banks, Business, Security offices, Jewelery Shops , Drivers, Cashiers, Police/ Law Enforcers, ATM Security, Shopkeepers, Businessmen, Senior Citizens, Bank Security staff,Working Women, Neighborhood Watch Teams & Any other, such targets for criminals.

Pepper Spray – Why?

We are not safe in road, street or sometimes even in our homes. So many incidents are reporting about the rapes, robbery and attacks. We don't know when we will be a victim even without knowing. so always keep Pepper Spray - The best self Defense tool for your safety!

Better save yourself than a sorry! Life is precious! So Live Safe....

Pepper Spray – How to Use?

Pepper Spray Testimonials

"Pepper spray is the best self defense tool, I bought it for my daughter, she is working in a IT company, bangalore" - Sunil Cherian

"I always keep a bottle of pepper spray in my bag. who knows what is awaiting us in the road. now i'm very confident" - Nitu Sharma

" I always recommend people to keep pepper spray with them, to avoid any mishaps" -Adv. K.G Menon